Year: 2009

Beckham says “no” to Angelina Jolie

David Beckham has refused to star in an advert with Angelina Jolie, citing his marriage as a reason for refusing. The British football star, who recently celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Victoria, stated in a US television show that he did not want to upset his spouse by posing for an Emporio […]

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Ali Larter with humps exposed

Ali Larter of Heroes and Obsession fame was spotted recently going about Beverly Hills, CA, and wearing a pink dress with black sunglasses and a pair of brown sandals. She ended up exposing more than what she bargained for as she bent over to get some change out of her purse to feed the parking […]

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Susan Boyle taken off-stage screaming for her cat

Susan Boyle decided not to show up for a fourth Britain’s Got Talent live show over growing fears for her health. The singer was reported to have had a screaming fit and had to be calmed down by organisers, who decided she should not perform. Producers had already stopped her from going on stage at […]

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