Is Megan Fox really a man?

Frankly I don’t believe an iota of such bullshit. How can anyone in his right frame of mind say that this perfect body of a woman formerly belonged to a ma…aaaa…..aaaann?

Megan Fox is not a tranny

I think anyone with a ding-a-ling-ling hanging between the legs would be able to distinguish between a woman and a tranny. You can read the Wikipedia profile on Megan Fox to see that this rumour is most certainly untrue.

3 comments on “Is Megan Fox really a man?

  1. Renato says:

    this is the video that started it all…

    She says “Im a tranny. Im a man”… and stuff.

  2. chuckiesd says:

    I don’t believed he is a man……

  3. jimmy deen says:

    She says it as a kinda of sarcastic remark. she says she’s a tranny cuz she thinks, she looks like a man compared to some of the other actresses. She is like the one girl in highschool who is smoking hot but has low self esteem.

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